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Kansas City’s # 1 Office Furniture Source

On behalf of the entire Team Office family, we’d like to thank the over 3,500 individuals and organizations who’ve chosen Team Office to help them plan, furnish and manage their office interior.

Why do so many people choose Team Office to provide their office furniture solutions?

When you choose Team Office for your next office furniture project, you’ll get something that money can’t buy. Sure, we’ll save you a bunch of money, time and hassle, but that’s not why you’ll be glad you chose Team Office.

You’ll be glad because every time you call, exchange email, or meet with one of us, you’ll feel like you’re the most important client we have and your project is the biggest thing we’re working on – because, to us, you are our most important client and your project, whether it’s one pre-owned desk for your home office, or 1,000 workstations for a new office, is the biggest project we’re working on.

Giving you that feeling of being important – of really mattering – not just because you have some money to spend, but because you really are a big deal – is the heart and soul of Team Office and the single most important reason you should talk to us.

If the idea of being a really big fish in our little pond sounds a lot better than being  just another notch on someone’s belt of projects – we should talk.

If you’re looking for new office furniture and installation in Kansas City, stop by our newly remodeled showroom or give us a call and we’ll come see you.

If you’re looking for an ever so gently used office furniture solution, stop by our used office furniture showroom and warehouse in Kansas City, Kansas.

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